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G20 by Airi-X
Being the political science nerd/Hetalia fan that I am, I followed the G20 Brisbane summit solely for fangirling purposes.
Did you see that awkward three-way handshake.…

bruh c'mon tony boy.
But as you know me, I have to Hetalia-lize EVERYTHING actuallyIneededanotherexcusetodrawamerica

Australia is derping,
Japan is slightly uncomfortable but smiling politely
America is just thinking about food.
This isn't a Second Cold War, Seriously. by Airi-X
This isn't a Second Cold War, Seriously.
 Nyo!America and Nyo!Russia 

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME I'VE DRAWN RUSAME? (This doesn't have to be RusAme if that's not your cuppa tea. Just think of this as a picture of America. And a picture of Russia.)

They are telling each other to back off...LOL I COULDN'T THINK OF ANYTHING BETTER FOR THEM TO SAY.

You guuuuyss I'm trying out a new hair coloring style. Look at their hair it's so beautiful. I owe it to this tutorial.…

Hetalia cRaCk Meme by Airi-X
Hetalia cRaCk Meme
I have returned with yet another Hetalia meme. This is the result of me being bored one night.


2. There was like no space to draw anything on this meme and I didn't feel like re sizing it so. THAT'S WHAT I'M WEARING ATM BECAUSE ITS SUMMER AND DURING THE SUMMER I WEAR MY PJ'S EVERYDAY CAUSE NO LIFE.


4. I like America and Vietnam as friends. A recent poll shows that Vietnam are one of the countries that love America the most (ikr), and I've always heard that Americans are very welcome in Vietnam. I hear about Americans traveling to Vietnam all the time, and the Vietnamese people are always kind to them. I think that relations between our two countries are obviously much better than they used to be, and that both the Vietnamese and American people respect each other, however, I personally don't ship them as a pairing.

5. This noob.

6. I DON'T LIKE CANADA. YEAH I SAID IT. I. DON'T. LIKE. HIM. Wanna fight about it? (no srs lets.)


8. I'm going to draw these two for real one day...maybe.

9. HAHA THIS IS THE MAIN REASON I WANTED TO DO THIS MEME. GOSH THE THOUGHT OF PIMP ENGLAND IS SO SEXY SOMEONE MAKE A FANFIC OF THIS. I couldn't include all of the British colonies obviously so I just did the main English speaking countries. (USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada.) they actually matter HAHA AMERICA LOOKS SO UNCOMFORTABLE LIKE SHE REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT SHE USED TO BE A BRITISH COLONY LOL OK AMERICA. I didn't want to put flags on NZ and AUS'S bikini's because they look too much like the Union Jack so I put Australia's national colors (gold/green) and New Zealand's national colors (red,silver,black). AUSTRALIA IS LOOKING AT KIWI'S HOT BOD. (fUCK WHy do I ship AUS/NZ they're sisters dammit .-.) AND THAT'S MY OC SOUTH AFRICA IN THE BACK. 

10. I got lazy imsosorry

11. I saw this on twitter and I was laughing for hours. The original name of the internet meme is "well that changes everything."

Blankity blankity blank:…


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I am a teenage fangirl of sorts. My interests consist of Bleach, Warriors, Death Note, Attack on Titan and Hetalia (in which you will find gay countries in my gallery). I'm a kinda-sorta Vegan, self-taught artist currently enrolled in High School. My favorite colors are pink and GRAY. >:V I also enjoy Starbucks. If you want to talk to me please send me a note and don't spam my comments with chains or thank me for watches, favs etc.


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